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Small and delicious dishes

With the end of 2013 approaching, you might be wondering which dining establishment in the Greater Daglan Area will be named Radio Free Daglan’s Favourite Restaurant of the Year. Well, now I can reveal the winner: It’s the Michelin-starred gourmet … Continue reading

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Six meals in the 7th — and one more

A few days ago, I introduced the subject of last week’s trip to Paris by giving you a photographic review of the macaron-baking class that daughter Anne, wife Jan and I took at La Cuisine Paris (“Macaron Daze in Paris,” … Continue reading

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Macaron Daze in Paris

Several weeks before our recent trip to Paris, I had a sudden brainwave: Since daughter Anne loves cakes and pastries so much, why don’t we all take a baking class while we’re in the capital of pâtisserie? (I’ll admit that … Continue reading

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Our chilly reception, on returning home

We are just back from Paris, where we spent a wonderful few days with daughter Anne. (I’ll write about some of our fun activities in later postings.) The weather was fairly cool if not cold during our stay, and we … Continue reading

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Sunshine and remembrance

We have been enduring rainy weather for days and days, so it was delightful this morning to wake up to sunshine — and to know that my wife Jan and I wouldn’t get soaked while attending the Jour Armistice ceremony … Continue reading

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Halloween II: The Children Take the Streets

Halloween was a bit of a bust here, as you know if you read my blog posting of November 5, with a total of just five trick-or-treating kids at our place that evening. But last night, we had a whole … Continue reading

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Hello autumn, hello spring (where’s winter?)

We seem to be experiencing a case of  “season confusion,” when two seasons of the year overlap and squeeze out the middle season completely. How long this will last, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess. First, here’s Exhibit A. … Continue reading

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