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Walking among the hunters

We’re now in hunting season, and I have to say that hunters in the Greater Daglan Area seem to be a fairly responsible bunch. They always hold their rifles and shotguns carefully, and I’ve never seen one riding through our … Continue reading

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The Shopping Forecast — smoother sailing ahead

If you have any experience in the U.K., you may know that the indispensable way to learn about the weather for fishing areas is “The Shipping Forecast,”which is broadcast on radio by the BBC. But my title for today’s blog … Continue reading

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And so it begins (firewood season)

We endured a rainy start to November, and then enjoyed a warm and sunny spell. But the nights have been cool for a while now, our fire has been roaring each evening, and our supply of dry and seasoned firewood … Continue reading

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Postcards from the front

Sorry for the delay, but a host of activities — including hosting our friend John from Toronto — has delayed my blogging for a few days. Still, I think it’s worthwhile to go back to last Tuesday,  November 11, and … Continue reading

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Glimpses of autumn

The transition to November has been smooth and beautiful, because the weather yesterday (November 1) was as sunny and warm as it’s been for pretty much all of October. In this brief posting,  I’m just going to offer a few … Continue reading

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