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Doing our bit for another flower

Tuesday was Judgment Day in Daglan — when a group from the Villes et Villages Fleuris program were to visit our village and evaluate it, not just for beauty, but also for quality of life features. Our village council is … Continue reading

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The descent of the woolly mowers

Daglan’s commitment to ecological mowing was outlined in my post “Putting our sheep to work,” on April 15. But Jan and I were never able to spot any sheep on the hill beside the village cemetery — until this morning. … Continue reading

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The uber-clean village and our “civilized” lunch

At times I feel as if we are living in a public-policy experiment to answer one question: Just how clean, pretty and eco-friendly can one village get? On Monday, for instance, a company of professional cleaners was blasting away at … Continue reading

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Two showdowns (June 2021)

These are not startling events, but we are now quite close to two showdowns — one political, the other somewhat cultural. First the political: the regional elections in France, which were to take place in March 2021, but were delayed … Continue reading

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Just how happy are we?

My wife Jan asked that question yesterday afternoon, as we drove home under a cloudless sky. And when she answered “We’re very, very happy,” it wasn’t just the weather she was admiring. We were feeling quite good after having enjoyed … Continue reading


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