Small and delicious dishes

With the end of 2013 approaching, you might be wondering which dining establishment in the Greater Daglan Area will be named Radio Free Daglan’s Favourite Restaurant of the Year.

Well, now I can reveal the winner: It’s the Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant at Le Vieux Logis, a member of the Relais & Châteaux group, located in Trémolat, less than an hour’s drive from our village. In tense voting, it came in just ahead of Le Grand Bleu in Sarlat.

How do we love Le Vieux Logis? Let us count the dates: January 8, April 16, April 29, May 21, October 15, and November 25. Yes, that makes six times that my wife Jan and I have eaten there this year, most times with two or four friends, and once by ourselves. Each time our meal was the amazing  “tapas” lunch. It’s a multi-course extravaganza of small but delicious dishes, including three entrées, two main courses, a cheese course, and three desserts (and at 46 euros,  it’s surprisingly reasonable, given the quality).

This past Monday, we were with friends Suzanne and Mark, who were trying Le Vieux Logis for the first time. We began with a glass of Champagne, and then the food started to arrive.

Today I’m showing off just two dishes from Monday’s lunch, since I’ve written about the restaurant so often, and shown so many examples of Chef Vincent Arnould’s creations.

First up is a fish course — a small piece of roasted John Dory, accompanied by bok choy, poached oysters, foam, and a bit of crispy bacon. Here it is:

Roast fish, oysters, foam

Roast fish, oysters, foam.

And here is a meat dish — a tender piece of roast pork, served with slivers of apple and a sweet sauce, and accompanied by a roll of boudin noir, or black pudding:

Tender pork, luscious sauce, black pudding.

Tender pork, luscious sauce, black pudding.

Of course, one does try one’s best to have a balanced diet. That means we try not to eat at an elegant Michelin-starred restaurant every day.

In fact, as I wrote yesterday, we spent last week in Paris and didn’t eat in a single starred restaurant (“Six meals in the 7th — and one more,” November 27). And then today, my lunch at home was a hearty serving of cassoulet — the traditional southwest French classic made with white beans, duck confit, and sausage — that we bought at the Daglan boutique of Chef Fabrice Lemonnier. Not elegant, but hearty, and simply delicious.

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4 Responses to Small and delicious dishes

  1. Sam Hershfield says:

    Pretty nice, especially if you like dining inside an old tobacco drying barn. Happy Turkey Day!

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