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A triple-header for foodies

Today’s posting features three different topics that I hope will be of interest to foodies (and you know who you are). They are: the opportunity to acquire the best restaurant in Daglan; a couple of beautiful dishes at a much-loved … Continue reading

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Camper madness, and a dish du jour

One of the stranger summer phenomena around the Greater Daglan Area is the sudden appearance of groups of travellers — people who move from place to place, somehow connected to each other, driving camper vans and cars with trailers. They … Continue reading

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Our newest (and tiniest) neighbour

We have a newcomer in central Daglan,who now lives right next door to our house. This new neighbour is quite cute, quite active, and so tiny that we still don’t know its gender. So I’ll just refer to it as … Continue reading

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The exodus

No, this is not a Biblical posting. It’s simply a brief tale about the annual exodus of tourists from the Greater Daglan Area, which appears to have begun. I have no hard evidence, no numbers. But the signs are all … Continue reading

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