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A late-March delight

“Guess what!” exclaimed Jan, when she returned home this morning after a trip to the weekly Daglan market. “The gariguettes have arrived!” Temporarily, I was stunned — who were the Gariguettes? Were they a family I should remember? (Forgetting things … Continue reading


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A nice early start (for our wisteria)

Pretty much each spring I provide a report on our two glycine — that would be wisteria vines, in English — to indicate not only how the vines themselves are growing, but to give you a snapshot of our weather. … Continue reading

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The view from the vaccination pit

When was the last time you worried about polio? A long time ago, or never? That would make sense, because the disease has been essentially wiped out through an intense vaccination program. Today it’s estimated that polio has been 99.9% … Continue reading

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Our new window: Just six days! (And counting…)

How long do you think it takes to change a window? An hour or two? A day or two? I suppose that’s about right, assuming that you were simply substituting one window for a similar model. (We had that done … Continue reading

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Going back to taking out

Restaurants and cafés remain closed in France, but there are still some great take-out options. However, Jan and I haven’t been indulging too frequently lately, in part because our favourite source (O Moulin, in Carsac) has been closed. However, we … Continue reading

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Another year’s wait

I realize this is small potatoes when compared with other events — both personal and public — that have been cancelled because of the pandemic we are all enduring, but for the record I thought I would note that again … Continue reading

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