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The village of art, of flowers — and of bugs

Cautionary note to readers: If your fear of insects is so great that you would be terrified by the sight of a grasshopper that is longer than a metre (roughly three feet), then read no further. For the rest of … Continue reading

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The return of “crazy bells”

Well, I suppose it had to happen. Starting yesterday (Thursday) at 7 a.m., our village’s church tower added back what my wife Jan and I call the “crazy bells” to the thrice-daily ringing of the Angelus. (What other blog offers up … Continue reading


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Back to our favourite night market

The annual tidal wave of summer fun has arrived in the Greater Daglan Area. A fête here, a marché nocturne there, a vide grenier, a concert, a bodega, a traveling circus. You name it, and a village or town will have … Continue reading

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