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French connection: Morocco, Part II

In today’s posting, we visit the medina of Marrakech — the city’s ancient quarter — and enter the souk or market via the Jamaa el Fna, a huge square in the heart of the city. In the interests of accuracy, … Continue reading

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Strip the Willow, Daglan-style

It’s a bit nerve-wracking to organize a party for neighbours in Daglan, strictly for linguistic reasons. Since the Greater Daglan Area has so many holiday home owners whose first language isn’t French, how will the party chatter go? The risk … Continue reading


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And a good time was had by all

Tout le monde. Literally, it means all the world, but in day-to-day usage it means everyone or everybody. And last night in Daglan, tout le monde turned out for a community event that seems to have become an instant hit … Continue reading

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Daglan’s quiet, polite demonstration

No doubt you’ve seen television coverage of protests in France — complete with angry marchers, and even burning cars. Well, we had a protest near Daglan today and it was a manifestation (demonstration) of a very different sort. In fact, … Continue reading

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From Belgium, with chocolate (and friends)

Here’s a tiny bit of a translation lesson, just to expose you to the wild and wacky world of languages in Europe. This past weekend, my wife and I stopped in the village of Salviac after a foie gras shopping … Continue reading

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