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The colossal construction mystery: Answered

For most of a year, the great mystery in our area was a massive project of renovation or construction (we weren’t sure which) on the site of an old hotel known as Le Périgord. Bulldozers were piling up mounds of … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

While the U.K. had all manner of parties and celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne, quite a number of Anglophones in the Greater Daglan Area celebrated too, with a tea party in St. Cybranet (the village … Continue reading

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Get out the truffle recipes!

Shaved over pasta? Shaved into scrambled eggs? Added to whipped potatoes? Whatever your favourite, truffles do add a certain “something” to a variety of dishes. And today was the first Sunday for the village’s weekly truffle market — the truffes … Continue reading


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