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It’s not all Michelin stars

Over the years that I’ve been posting this blog, I’ve written countless times about various fine-dining experiences, often at restaurants in France (and elsewhere) with one, two or even three Michelin stars. So just in case you’ve been wondering — … Continue reading

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Our fast-and-slow start to summer

It’s been a bit bizarre this year. We’ve had a very fast, virtually immediate jump into “The Season — Summer,”  but a very slow glide into “The Season — Tourist Invasion.” This year’s advent of summer, with high temperatures and … Continue reading

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A toasty day for a hundred K

Clear blue skies. Barely a breeze. Temperatures hovering around 28 Celsius (82.4 F) at 4 in the afternoon. Perfect conditions for a long run, you say? Not if you’re running distance — and yesterday’s race in the Greater Daglan Area … Continue reading

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The curtain goes up (2018)

Here in the Greater Daglan Area, we are at last, after a miserably rainy late winter/early spring, walking on sunshine. Lilacs are blooming, cafés and restaurants are open, and my wife Jan and I haven’t had to fire up the … Continue reading

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GDA projects: Completed, and just started

Residents of the Greater Daglan Area, and regular visitors here, will no doubt be desperate to know the status of various construction projects. Are the old ones done? Are any new ones started? There is obviously no one better to … Continue reading

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Going, going, but not gone (summer 2017)

October in the Greater Daglan Area is not my favourite month (that would be September), but it’s close. In October, we are technically in autumn, but hints of summer remain. In October, we seem to have two kinds of weather: … Continue reading

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Lights! Camera! Action! (Our parade)

The possibilities are mind-boggling: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday in the  GDA. Last Year in Monpazier. L’Age d’or à Daglan. The Umbrellas of Castelnaud. Hilsenheim mon amour.  And of course, Last Tango in Daglan. Yes, it’s time to celebrate films in our village, all because … Continue reading

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