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So long, 8 à Huit — hello Proxi

The Carrefour retail group is good at many things, such as operating supermarkets, but I suggest that its marketing gurus leave a lot to be desired when it comes to naming their stores. A case in point is the outlet … Continue reading

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GDA projects: Completed, and just started

Residents of the Greater Daglan Area, and regular visitors here, will no doubt be desperate to know the status of various construction projects. Are the old ones done? Are any new ones started? There is obviously no one better to … Continue reading

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The mystery project (yes, another one)

If you’re a resident of the Greater Daglan Area (the GDA), or a frequent visitor, chances are good that you’ve done at least some shopping in the supermarket formerly known as Shopi in the village of Cénac, about 10 kilometres … Continue reading

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The Shopping Forecast — smoother sailing ahead

If you have any experience in the U.K., you may know that the indispensable way to learn about the weather for fishing areas is “The Shipping Forecast,”which is broadcast on radio by the BBC. But my title for today’s blog … Continue reading

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Why not lobster? Why not Champagne?

Christmas time in France puts a spotlight on the wonders of the sea — including of course oysters, which are now found in all kinds of shops and supermarkets in the Greater Daglan Area. And this suits us fine. In … Continue reading

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