Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

While the U.K. had all manner of parties and celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne, quite a number of Anglophones in the Greater Daglan Area celebrated too, with a tea party in St. Cybranet (the village just north of Daglan) yesterday.

Leading the organization, choreography and publicity for the party were two active local women, Carolyn and Jan (not my wife Jan, but a friend of ours). For a pot of tea and a plate full of traditional English treats like cake slices and sandwiches, guests paid 6.50 €, with the proceeds donated to a cancer support charity and a local school. Great idea!

When my wife Jan and I arrived on Sunday afternoon, with friends Kathy and Keith (visiting from Toronto) and Joanne and Chris (English friends staying at their holiday home near us in Daglan), the event’s dog show was under way. There were a number of categories in the competition, including the best rescue dog. Here’s a look at the dog show arena, with organizers Carolyn (pointing) and Jan (in blue shorts, bending forward):

Judging takes place at the dog show.

My ever-creative wife Jan managed to get us involved, by entering our papier maché dog Tonto into the competition, having suggested the possible categories of best-behaved dog or quietest dog. Here’s Jan showing off Tonto to chief judge Carolyn. (As it happened, Tonto did when a prize — a bag of dog treats. We gave that back to Carolyn, so she could present it to a dog which could actually enjoy the treats.)

Our silent dog, Tonto, gets the once-over from Carolyn, one of the event’s key organizers.

Once the dog show was over, people trooped up to Jan’s large property, which includes good-sized grounds and a large barn. Here’s a look at the area:

Guests were all over, at tables outdoors and also in the barn.

As the tea party went on, our group was joined by Scottish friends Nancy and Iain, so we had quite a number of people around our table — which was pretty well loaded with sandwiches, sweet treats, tea and coffee, and of course glasses of wine. Here’s our table:

Our table of traditional treats.

Just in case you’re wondering, “Anglophone” is a term used to define English-speakers, which includes Canadians Kathy, Keith and me. And of course, Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of Canada, so we were quite at home celebrating her Platinum Jubilee along with the English and Scots at the party.

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