Doing our bit for another flower

Tuesday was Judgment Day in Daglan — when a group from the Villes et Villages Fleuris program were to visit our village and evaluate it, not just for beauty, but also for quality of life features. Our village council is quite keen to earn a third flower in the program (the maximum is four; Daglan had one flower when Jan and I moved here, and the village has since moved up to two).

There are now attractive Villes et Villages Fleuris signs posted at each of the three main entrances to the village, and the hope is that before too long, they will be replaced by three-flower versions.

As it happens, our house doesn’t have a conventional garden adjacent to it. We are currently having a garden created for us, on a large plot of land about 50 metres away, but the only flowers at our house are either on it or immediately next to it.

Still, we have been doing our best to keep Daglan beautiful. On Tuesday, all of us who live around the Place de la Fontaine were directed to park our cars elsewhere, so the judges could see the Place in all its glory. And Jan and I have been doing our bit to help Daglan rise up in the world of Villes et Villages Fleuris. What follows is a look at some of our own flowers.

Flowers planted in a bed where a wisteria vine has its roots.
A Rose of Sharon shrub grows beside the house.
Two bags of mixed flowers hang on our garage doors.
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2 Responses to Doing our bit for another flower

  1. Karen says:

    Very nice 👌 I suspect that Jan did most, if not all, the gardening.

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