The descent of the woolly mowers

Daglan’s commitment to ecological mowing was outlined in my post “Putting our sheep to work,” on April 15. But Jan and I were never able to spot any sheep on the hill beside the village cemetery — until this morning.

We had been reliably informed that, yes, several sheep were indeed in the newly fenced off area, but they chose to spend nearly all of their time avoiding the heat of the day, by sheltering under the trees at the top of the hill, and well out of view. We made several trips to the spot, but never got even a glimpse of the woolly mowers.

And then this morning, we saw them munching away happily on the grass and weeds that had sprouted up. And here they are, in action:

Enjoying an early lunch.
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2 Responses to The descent of the woolly mowers

  1. Sam Hershfield says:

    They know Daglan’s Cemetery has a Michelin 3 star rating!

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