Remembrances of parades past

Tomorrow (Friday) marks the start of our village’s annual three-day Fête de la Saint-Louis, but local residents and loyal readers of Radio Free Daglan know that the highlight will come on Sunday afternoon, when the temperature is forecast to be 28 degrees and the parade theme has been decreed as Disney Daglan.

To provide a glimpse of what we might expect on Sunday, I’ve put together this posting to show off some entries in the annual parade over a period of three years — starting with 2016, when the theme was Les civilisations. The first photo simply shows a band, not because it represented a particular civilization but simply because all parades need at least one band, if not more:

And the band played on.

This next photo shows how a sailing ship full of Vikings may have looked as the explorers (or marauders) sailed into your harbour:

And the Vikings sail into our village.

The ancient civilization of Egypt naturally had to be featured in this parade, and a special bonus was seeing our village’s Mayor outfitted as a Pharaoh:

That’s our Mayor in the middle — as a Pharaoh.

Now come a few photos taken during the 2017 Sunday parade, when the theme was Le Cinema. We begin with Batman and friends, marching through Daglan:

Batman and friends have a stroll in Daglan.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” was a popular movie, and so it’s not surprising that Daglan had its own version of the pirate ship:

Those crazy Pirates of the Caribbean.

And then, for reasons I can’t remember, there was one entry that sprayed out large quantities of foam — blanketing the village’s main street. Here’s the aftermath:

You want foam? We got foam.

My last series of parade photos features some entries from the 2019 version, when the theme was “historic inventions.” Here’s an entry featuring the wonders of plastic, including its use in making condoms:

Yes, plastic can indeed be fantastic — as well as pink.

Now comes the historic invention known as the airplane, which in this case is The Widow Maker:

The Widow Maker was a name given to a number of early planes, for good reason.

Finally, this entry recognized the historic invention of the telephone, although based on the style and the model of this phone, it was not the earliest version of the device:

Can you imagine the ring tone on this one?
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1 Response to Remembrances of parades past

  1. Jill and Sam Hershfield says:

    Puts Bradenton’s DeSoto Parade (now PC’ed to Heritage Parade) to shame.

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