Pennants, sheep and weather

I do realize that those three things aren’t really related. But I’ve strung them together as the title of this blog posting simply because each item won’t be very long.

Better-late-than never: As you discovered in my recent post “So who needs Disneyland?” (August 9), this year’s version of Daglan’s annual summer festival will again feature a parade on Sunday afternoon (August 21). But at the time of writing that post, there were no pennants hung around the village, celebrating the themes of previous parades.

Then the scene changed yesterday morning, as the village workers set about hanging up the bright yellow pennants, each of which displays the theme of a Sunday parade, year by year. Now the pennants are hanging from just about every lamp pole in the village.

Yesterday was just three days before Friday’s start of the festival (La Fête de la Saint-Louis), so there really wasn’t much advance notice. But as I noted above: Better late than never. Now have a look at a section of our main street, with pennants flying:

Bright yellow pennants record the theme of each year’s Sunday parade.

Mowing with no gasoline, no electricity, and no pushing of lawnmowers. In a posting last spring (April 15, 2021), I explained that the village of Daglan had just embraced the concept of something called éco-pâturage, which means using animals, rather than machines, for mowing. The post was called “Putting our sheep to work,” which pretty much says it all.

Since then, I hadn’t noticed any sheep at work, because they are placed on a hill just behind the village cemetery, near one of Daglan’s rows of garbage and recycling bins. Then yesterday I drove there with a load of garbage to be placed in les poubelles, and there were the sheep — at work. Here’s a look at them:

Sheep shearing grass — instead of being sheared.

Some welcome weather relief. No doubt you’ve either experienced or been hearing the news about the brutal heat wave engulfing much of Europe, including southwest France. And it really has been bad. For Jan and me, the heat has meant that we’ve limited our activities to the bare necessities, and spent a lot of time indoors, with the blinds closed to keep out the heat. But of course the real tragedy has been the effects of the heat and the related drought on farms, fields, animals and forests. The amount of forest burned in far southwest France, not to mention other European countries, has been immense.

But now we’ve had some relief: A bit of cooling, and some very welcome rain. Météo France is predicting maximum temperatures in the 20s for the next several days, instead of the mid- and even high-30s we’ve lived through. I suppose the relief won’t be permanent, but we’ll enjoy it while we can.

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2 Responses to Pennants, sheep and weather

  1. Double D's says:

    Can’t wait for the parade coverage as it is a favourite post on your blog.

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