Our parade: a first look

Daglan’s Sunday afternoon parade, the highlight of our annual summer festival, la Fête de la Saint Louis, took place again yesterday through the heart of the village. And it was back to being the wild and wacky affair we knew from pre-Covid days.

Taking photos at the event is a challenge, because there is so much going on. But I’ve valiantly edited down my many photographs, and will show you several tomorrow. But today I wanted to post just two photos that I think capture two of the dominant themes of the parade.

Yes, the official theme was Disney Daglan. So when I use the term, I’m referring to what really struck me. First, there was the preponderance of Dalmatian dogs, obviously reflecting the Disney movie, “101 Dalmatians.” Here’s just one example:

Our parade had pretty close to 101 Dalmatians.

The other thing that struck me about yesterday’s parade was the incredible interaction between the spectators (residents of Daglan and visitors alike) and the people or characters in the parade itself. For instance, when a small group of pirates approached our table at La Cantine, where Jan and I were sitting with friends Sarah, Karl, Suzanne and Mark, one helped himself to Suzanne’s glass of rosé wine. How’s that for interaction?

“Wine? Don’t mind if I do. Aaaargh!”

A bit rude, you might think. But hey — he’s a pirate!

Stay tuned for more coverage of the parade, to be posted tomorrow.

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1 Response to Our parade: a first look

  1. timeservedapp says:

    🙂 a pirate stole a glass of wine, that brilliant 🤣

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