The tree and the truffles

Sure signs of the holiday season in Daglan: the village Christmas tree is installed in the main square, and our weekly market for black truffles begins. First, the tree.

I now quote from my posting of December 10, 2016: “There was a period when it seemed like our village council was desperately trying to win the Worst Public Christmas Tree in the Developed World contest.” That referred to the scrawny tree of December 2013.

But things have been improving significantly since then, and now we have the 2021 version, in all its glory. Jan and I saw the tree being installed on Monday, and then decorated on Tuesday. And here it is, as of late Wednesday morning:

A real beauty, we think.

Today Jan said she thinks it’s the village’s best tree ever. I can’t disagree, although I’m not sure how one keeps score. In any case, it’s certainly right up there.

And this week the Mayor announced that the market for winter truffles — the flavoursome black truffles of the Périgord — is starting on Sunday. As in the past, the market will be held in the courtyard of the village’s primary school (just behind the office of the Mayor), and will be run each Sunday until February 13. The hours are 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

My advice is to shop early. These little goodies are quite the local delicacy, and they are sold quickly by the local producers who bring their truffles to market.

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