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The tree and the truffles

Sure signs of the holiday season in Daglan: the village Christmas tree is installed in the main square, and our weekly market for black truffles begins. First, the tree. I now quote from my posting of December 10, 2016: “There … Continue reading

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Our (somewhat) bright lights of Christmas

Just yesterday I realized that I’d left you hanging, with my December 9 posting called “A Christmas work-in-progress.” Since then, our village’s new holiday decoration has been completed, but I had neglected to show off the finished work. To remind … Continue reading


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A Christmas work-in-progress

As we left Daglan this morning for a shopping trip to Sarlat, we drove up through the main square and past the war memorial, just in front of the restaurant  Le Petit Paris. Grouped in front of the large tree … Continue reading

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The Leaning Tree of Daglan

I’m not certain, but it could be our village’s attempt to create a new tourist attraction — something that would rival the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s the arbre de Noël in Daglan’s main square, which I’ve described previously … Continue reading

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We’re dreaming of a wet Christmas

We’re pretty certain that we won’t be sledding or skiing on Christmas Day. As we enter Christmas week, our daily Daglan weather forecast from Météo France predicted either rain or grey skies for today and the next three days, with … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree gets pretty

It’s done. We have a Christmas tree that’s decorated and — so far — our cat Scooter has not attacked it. In fact, he hasn’t even shown any interest. In fairness, we’re having some work done on the house, and … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree: We get real

For this coming Christmas, we decided to make a brave decision about having a tree, despite our cat. So we have bought an actual Christmas tree, and have placed it in our actual house, where our actual cat Scooter could … Continue reading

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