Fog to start the day

At this time of year, heavy morning fog isn’t an every-day occurrence in the Greater Daglan Area, but it is fairly common.

For example, I had to drive through thick fog on Saturday morning as well as today (Tuesday), as I headed from Daglan to the tiny hamlet of Costeraste (near Gourdon) to reach the spa where I exercise in its large pool three times a week.

Fortunately, it’s not the kind of fog that slows you down to a crawl, but it does demand that you pay particularly close attention to the road. It would take just a split second for a deer or wild boar to dart out of the brush at the side of the road, before you could see it coming. In any case, as the morning wears on, the sun starts to burn off the fog, and so by noon the driving is usually clear.

Although fog can make driving more treacherous, it does have a more attractive side. I was struck by the following view on Saturday as I left the spa and headed to my car — looking down the hill to a valley still shrouded in fog:

Fog settled in the valley.

It may not be the French equivalent of the Great Smoky Mountains (in the southeastern U.S.), but it was still nice to see.

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2 Responses to Fog to start the day

  1. Angela Elliott says:

    After following and enjoying your blog for several years I am sorry that it seems to have ended. Would you be kind enough to say if you and your wife are alright. It is like losing a friend! With kind regards and all best wishes. Angela

  2. loren24250 says:

    Gosh, what a surprise! The good news is that Jan and I are just fine, and Radio Free Daglan will live on. Frankly, there hasn’t been much to write about for a while, since we have not been exploring new restaurants and so on, and we’ve been quite cautious about avoiding Covid. I am just about to write a short piece saying that things are starting to open up, with a hint of spring in the air. Thanks for your interest!

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