A late-March delight

“Guess what!” exclaimed Jan, when she returned home this morning after a trip to the weekly Daglan market. “The gariguettes have arrived!”

Temporarily, I was stunned — who were the Gariguettes? Were they a family I should remember? (Forgetting things is, well, not uncommon for me.)

No, of course, not. They were gariguette strawberries, always the first French strawberries to be available each spring. Here’s how another website once described these beauties:

“They are small, soft and aromatic, reminiscent of wild strawberries. They taste simply fantastic. … Gariguettes are grown in the area between Carpentras, Avignon and Cavaillon, mostly under plastic tunnels to ripen early.”

So of course we both had to have a bowl of gariguettes, drizzled with cream, as our dessert after lunch today. And here is my pre-cream bowl:

A real taste of early spring.

An update on Thai take-out: Recently we had quite a frustrating experience trying to order food from Sawadee, the very good Thai restaurant in nearby Cénac (that I’ve written about often). Jan phoned its two different numbers, several times, and either got no reply at all or a recording that said to leave a message. But no one ever called back, despite the fact that its website said the restaurant should have been re-opened (after its annual winter break).

Subsequent trips past the restaurant showed absolutely no activity, and we wondered if the couple who run Sawadee had become “trapped” in Thailand, unable to travel because of the Covid pandemic.

In any case, the website has just been updated, and it’s now promising that the restaurant will re-open on April 16. Fingers crossed.

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2 Responses to A late-March delight

  1. Karen says:

    I’m jealous of your fabulous strawberries. Ours are white in the center and have to be cored.

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