A nice early start (for our wisteria)

Pretty much each spring I provide a report on our two glycine — that would be wisteria vines, in English — to indicate not only how the vines themselves are growing, but to give you a snapshot of our weather.

Last year, for instance, I posted “Another tale of two vines” (April 11) to compare and contrast the flowering productivity of the vine on the left of our front steps and the vine on the right.

This year I’m starting a bit earlier, as today was nice and sunny, and there was some early evidence of growth on the vines. And sure enough, it looks like the right-hand vine is going to out-do its neighbour on the left once again.

Here’s a look at the right-hand vine, starting to produce the growths that will eventually become flowers:

Let’s let these develop for a bit longer, and then take another look when they are in full bloom.

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