Another year’s wait

I realize this is small potatoes when compared with other events — both personal and public — that have been cancelled because of the pandemic we are all enduring, but for the record I thought I would note that again in 2021, Daglan will not be hosting its Fête du Printemps, or Spring Festival.

The festival had been rolling along for a few years before Covid-19 shut it down for 2020, and it’s been cancelled again — because of “la situation sanitaire,” as our Mairie or Office of the Mayor put it. I last described the festival in detail in the posting “Spring Festival: from soggy to successful,” on March 18, 2019.

There are indeed some “activities” associated with the festival, but mostly it’s a chance for residents to select and buy their flowers, plants, shrubs and trees for the coming spring planting season. Vendors selling all kinds of plants are spread throughout the village.

Actually, Daglan takes this festival pretty seriously. You can tell that from the high quality of the promotional sign for the 2019 festival, shown below:

Promoting the 2019 festival.

So…will the festival return in 2022? One can only hope. But then as I wrote at the start, this festival is actually pretty small potatoes compared with the myriad of personal and public events around the globe that have been cancelled since the pandemic hit in 2020. Let’s hope the vaccination programs really start to take effect.

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