Daglan’s near-normal July

In summers, the British typically are among the most numerous of visitors to the Greater Daglan Area. But not this year. Because of various travel restrictions, it has been virtually impossible for the British to visit France — including a number of our friends who have holiday homes near us in Daglan. And for quite a while, in fact virtually the entire spring, things around here have been extremely quiet.

But now we are well into July, and the usual  hordes of tourists have arrived. Still no British, but lots of people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and, of course, other parts of France. This is anecdotal, but it seems to me that the language I’m hearing most often is French.

You can spot the change on the area’s roads — more car traffic, lots more campers, and lots of cyclists, runners, and walkers. And now Daglan’s Sunday market is operating almost as it was in the good old days, before Covid 19. Here’s a look at some of today’s action.

The market, which starts up each Sunday morning in our main square, dwindles to very little in the winter. But now it seems to be back to pretty much normal, in terms of the number of vendors. The village has added barriers to guide shoppers around the square, and to make social distancing more obvious, and some shoppers are wearing face masks. But otherwise, it seems to be business as usual. Here’s a look, as of about noon today:

Now, a full complement of vendors.

With the tourists, of course, come the vehicles — and some really tight squeezes on the village’s main street. Fortunately, the drivers all travel slowly and carefully, but getting through Daglan can be a bit of a challenge. Have a look:

Playing dodge-’em, with real cars.

Naturally there are lots of tourists walking around, in and out of the bakery and the convenience store and of course the market. If you’re driving, you’re often dodging not only other vehicles but pedestrians. Like these:

Strolling through the village is a popular activity.

Aside from adding some buzz to our otherwise quiet village, the summer inflow of tourists has one particular benefit — it gives a much-needed financial boost to the stores, restaurants, campgrounds and tourist attractions that rely on a busy summer to make ends meet.



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4 Responses to Daglan’s near-normal July

  1. Karen says:

    Would like to see more masks being worn though it’s good that the economy is getting a boost.

    • Loren Chudy says:

      Karen, we completely agree about the masks. The key to remember is that the main benefit of masks is to protect others — not yourself. So if everyone wore a face mask when in public (especially in closed spaces like stores) that would mean a lot more protection all around.

  2. Deb says:

    Isn’t it wonderful now that is calmed down and the roads are quieter.

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