Another step to a normal summer

Late this morning I was driving out of Daglan (to visit les poubelles with a load of garbage and bottles) when I saw a car pull up in front of our excellent (but horribly named) convenience store. Ha, you poor deluded fool!, I thought. Today is Monday, and of course the store is closed on Mondays!

But as I drove past, I could see that the store (newly re-named Proxi, if you can believe it) was indeed open. Naturally, I first thought that meant that today was not Monday at all, but Tuesday; I confess that I make this kind of mistake surprisingly often. But no, today is indeed Monday.

So, you ask, what is the meaning of this? What it means is that we are truly back to having a fairly “normal” (that is, full of tourists) July — and the store is now open six and a half days a week; the half-day opening is on Sundays. And here’s the visual proof:

Now open on “lundi” for the summer.

I’m not sure about tomorrow, however. July 14 is the national day of France, so our store may be closed the whole day, or perhaps just on Tuesday afternoon. Govern yourself accordingly! (Meaning — if you need to shop, do it today.)


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2 Responses to Another step to a normal summer

  1. Karen Lassman says:

    Enjoy Bastille Day!

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