Back to our favourite night market

The annual tidal wave of summer fun has arrived in the Greater Daglan Area. A fête here, a marché nocturne there, a vide grenier, a concert, a bodega, a traveling circus. You name it, and a village or town will have it, as all of them compete for a chunk of the tourist-spending bonanza.

For my wife Jan and me, our favourite is almost certainly the marché nocturne or night market in nearby St. Pompon. (The village is about five kilometres southeast of Daglan.) And this past Saturday night, we were back there with good friends Elisabeth and Gerhard, whose holiday home is just steps away from our permanent home in downtown Daglan. Here’s a look — using photos taken by Gerhard with his trusty mobile phone.

The small bandstand on the north side of the street housed two guys with guitars and microphones (and amply powered amplifiers), who sang some of the greats from such classic French groups as Dire Straits and Tears for Fears. Whatever song they happened to be singing, they sounded a lot like Cat Stevens, occasionally accompanied by Jimi Hendrix, but it was generally entertaining. Here they are:

Music at the market? Saturday night, live.

Music at the market? Saturday night, live.

It was around 7 p.m. when the four of us arrived, and the market was just getting going. As you can see, the day was still nice and sunny. We sat on the south side of the main street that runs through St. Pompon, to be near the food stalls and to sit at a table in the shade.  Here’s a look at the long line of food stalls:

Take your choice: sausage, oysters, pizza, hamburgers, paella...

Take your choice: sausage, oysters, pizza, hamburgers, paella…

Among the regular specialties at the St. Pompon market is the Chez Willy stall, serving “Cuisine Réunionnaise,” which is to say food from Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Here it is (the stall, not the island):

Food that's a touch exotic.

Food that’s a touch exotic.

For us, the evening added up to two hours or so of good things: drinking rosé wine; eating oysters, mussels, frites, and sausages (some with truffles, some with foie gras); and chatting with people — including some Daglan neighbours, and visitors from Germany and Belgium. Not to mention enjoying how Cat Stevens would sound on the album of Tears for Fears Greatest Hits.



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