Camping in

One of the delights of our life in Daglan has been making good friends here — including full-time residents (French and English) as well as people with holiday homes in or near our village.

As it turns out, having good friends with a holiday home just a few metres from our front door has been a real blessing.

For the past week, we have been “camping in,” so to speak, in the home of friends Elisabeth and Gerhard, who graciously said we could use their place while they’re away. So far, we’ve only been there to use their kitchen and dining area for lunch, but that’s been a real help — since our own home has been pretty much a shambles.

What’s going on chez nous is a major project to sand down the walls of our salle à vivre — the living area which includes our kitchen and dining table — and then to re-plaster and paint.

We can manage in our own house for breakfast (before the painters arrive) and for dinner (after they’ve left), but it’s impossible to have lunch with drop cloths over all the furniture, and plaster dust everywhere.

How shambly are our shambles? Well, have a look:

Not much "living" is going on here right now.

Not much “living” is going on here right now.

The good news is that, while there will be no progress on the weekend, we are assured that all the work will be completed on Monday. Phew.

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