Dish du jour — February 12, 2023

Another day, another lunch at O Moulin in Carsac, and yes, another chance to show off an artful dessert. (Okay, I know I am being repetitive, but I promise this will be the last such posting for a while.)

My dessert for our lunch on Friday, with friends Fiona and Martin, was a take on the Paris-Brest. It turns out that this dessert has quite a history: Apparently the founder of the famous Paris-to-Brest bicycle race, one Pierre Giffard, asked a pasty chef to invent a cake that would somehow reflect the race. The original result was a round, doughnut-like cake made of choux pastry and filled with cream. The idea was that the round shape would represent a bicycle wheel.

Another beautifully decorated dessert at O Moulin. Yum.

Of course good chefs can’t always leave a good thing alone, and so there have been many variations over the years — different toppings, different cream fillings and so on. At O Moulin, this version included two small pastries, cream-filled and artfully decorated. I went away happy, as always.

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2 Responses to Dish du jour — February 12, 2023

  1. Deborah says:

    We went last night, super meal, had the cod followed by the « all around the mango «  dessert., all superb as usual. 😘😘

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