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Not Naples, but pretty darn good

We’re back home in Daglan after several days in Milan, which according to Google Maps is some 770 kilometres from Naples. I mention this because Naples is generally regarded as the home of the “modern” pizza (that is, pizza as … Continue reading

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Washed out

I guess you can learn something new every day. Yesterday, we learned that the night market in Saint-Pompon simply will not take place if the weather forecast calls for a storm. Just a week ago, I wrote about the season’s … Continue reading

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Escape to an air show

Yesterday was a holiday here (Assumption, as you may have assumed) but that didn’t stop the workers who were setting up stalls and rides for Daglan’s annual Festival of Heat and Noise (my definition), which begins today. Chaos reined supreme, … Continue reading

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Charcoal champs, plus some coming events

For years when we lived in Toronto,  our “barbecuing” was done on a snazzy gas-fired grill. But since we’ve moved to France, I wanted to go for a more natural approach, using charcoal. Sadly, if you like charcoal grilling your … Continue reading

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