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The return of Crazy Bells, and other jottings

We are slowly emerging from the Covid-19 lock-down, and Jan and I are hoping that people won’t go overboard and ruin the progress that’s been so painfully made against the pandemic. In any case, restaurants here are re-opening next week, … Continue reading

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Glimmers of light, May 2020

We are certainly not out of the woods, but here in rural France there are at least a few glimmers of light — some basic returns to normalcy —  during the Covid 19 lock-down. A few of them follow. An … Continue reading

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Happy feet! (Or, one of the things we miss about Toronto)

I apologize in advance if you find this posting in Radio Free Daglan remarkably free of Daglan itself. But the topic of happy feet is too important to ignore. To begin, you should know the most common question asked by … Continue reading

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