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The curtain goes up (2018)

Here in the Greater Daglan Area, we are at last, after a miserably rainy late winter/early spring, walking on sunshine. Lilacs are blooming, cafés and restaurants are open, and my wife Jan and I haven’t had to fire up the … Continue reading

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GDA projects: Completed, and just started

Residents of the Greater Daglan Area, and regular visitors here, will no doubt be desperate to know the status of various construction projects. Are the old ones done? Are any new ones started? There is obviously no one better to … Continue reading

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No stars in sight — but that’s okay, M. Croque

Occasional readers of Radio Free Daglan may well  believe that my wife Jan and I eat exclusively at Michelin-starred restaurants. But that’s absolutely false! Why, just three years ago, Jan and I had lunch in a restaurant that was barely … Continue reading

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Ka-bloom! (Our flower explosion)

Pretty much all of the Greater Daglan Area has exploded into bloom, thanks to some decent periods of rain and now an immense amount of sunshine. (So, did you get “Ka-bloom!”? It’s like “Ka-boom,” only … okay, okay, you got … Continue reading

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A glorious Canada Day, and some coming events

As we awoke this morning, the sun was beating down, the sky was a bright blue, and the air was still. And then my wife Jan said those three magic words to me that all Canadians love to hear, whether … Continue reading

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