Dish du jour — February 28, 2023

In my most recent posting, I included a photo of the elaborate decoration in the restaurant where Jan and I had lunch on February 24, Le Grand Véfour in Paris. But I didn’t show off any of our dishes.

In this posting, I’m going to highlight one lunchtime dish, which stood out for its originality. In fact, it was so original that it was actually startling to eat.

At the centre of the dish, which I had ordered as my entrée, is a simple poached egg. This is something I’ve ordered frequently, and I’ve always enjoyed the sauce surrounding the egg. For instance, in my posting of January 4, I showed off a cocotte egg that was served in a small glass dish and surrounded by a creamy sauce that was chock-full of pieces of black truffle. Delicious, quite savoury, and just the sort of sauce to dip bread into.

The egg dish at Le Grand Véfour was completely different. This is how the menu described it: Œuf mollet, patate douce en fine purée et en semoule, pointe de raz-el-hanout mangue acidulée.

In English, that’s a poached egg with a sauce of sweet potato as well as tiny pieces of sweet potato prepared like a semolina and served as a quenelle, with sweet-and-sour pieces of mango. In other words, this was a tropical take on a normally savoury dish, and it was quite remarkable. The small pieces of mango really were sweet-and-sour, since the sweet fruit had been “acidulated,” or made somewhat acidic. And then the dish was decorated with thin slices of fresh coconut. Have a look:

Flavour combinations I would never have imagined.
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2 Responses to Dish du jour — February 28, 2023

  1. Allan Schlar says:

    Loren, time for both of you to elevate your dining to a new level. Check this event with Michelin 4 Star Chef from San Fran , Dominique Crenn in Cognac region.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Good grief! We’ve eaten in restaurants that have earned one, two and three Michelin stars, and lunched in at least two restaurants that have been in the Top 50 in the World list. Pretty sure I don’t need to spend some 6,400 euros per night for five days of this experience. And of course, couldn’t afford it anyway, even if I wanted to!

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