Sourcing our sushi

Sushi isn’t my absolute favourite food, but Jan and I do enjoy it. A lot. The question is: where can you find good sushi relatively near to Daglan?

The key to sushi success, of course, is freshness. Not only the fish and other seafood must be fresh, but the rice must be moist and fresh as well. In the past, we did try sushi as sold in supermarkets (like the Carrefour in Gourdon), but clearly it had been packed somewhere offsite, and might have sat in the store’s refrigerated shelves for days. Clearly not worth buying.

But check this out: It’s my plate for lunch as arranged by Jan yesterday, and I am glad to report it was fresh and tasty:

A nice assortment for lunch.

So, I can hear you asking, what is our source? Well, it happens that the large Leclerc supermarket in Sarlat (some 25 minutes away) has a special stand that serves up a large assortment of sushi dishes, and related Japanese delights. And the best news is that the sushi is made fresh on the spot. Here’s the stand, located in the supermarket near the large seafood counter and several counters of fresh veggies:

The sign says “Asian Street Food,” and that’s what is on offer.

There really is quite a range of items on offer, at both ends of the stand. Here’s a look at the assortment at one end:

The food items all lined up at one end of the stand.

And here’s the offerings at the other end of the stand; you can see one of the staff members putting some newly made dishes on the shelves:

Row upon row of Asian delicacies, including trays of sushi.

For us, an assortment of sushi makes for a nice, light lunch. The key is for us to do our shopping in the morning, so that when we arrive back at home, we can enjoy the fresh items right away. If we do our shopping at Leclerc in the afternoon, Jan will buy a smaller selection for a light dinner.

There’s another advantage of meals like this: much less clean-up. As the clean-up person in our kitchen, I appreciate being freed of having to wash out pots and pans and all that. By contrast, today’s lunch will be a clean-up nightmare. We’re having oven-baked shrimp risotto, cold lobster and grilled beef filets, tossed green salad, and a lemon-and-ricotta (gluten-free) cake. On the other hand, it should be delicious.

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