A bit of a Halloween wash-out

Well, we gave Halloween a pretty good try. First, our friend Jens had given us a pumpkin that he grew in his garden, and on Sunday I carved it into a fairly decent jack-o-lantern. Jan put a small candle inside, and we set the jack-o-lantern at the top of our front steps so passing trick-or-treaters would know there were goodies inside. Here’s our carved pumpkin:

Next, we planned carefully for the goodies we wanted to hand out. Jan bought a good supply of candies that kids would really like — namely, variations on the theme of chocolate. They were also the kinds of candies that parents would like — because they were individually wrapped by the candy-maker, so parents would know they were safe. Here’s our bowl, ready to be served up:

So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, as it turned out, the weather yesterday evening was awful. The temperature had dropped a bit, but more seriously, it was raining. So Jan and I sat and sat and waited and waited.

Finally, two young girls showed up at our front door, dressed for protection from the rain so that we couldn’t see their Halloween costumes. Here they are (and I apologize in advance for the photo quality, but the lighting was terrible):

Then we went through another long period of waiting, until finally three trick-or-treaters showed up at our door. Here they are (the boy behind the front two is pretty well hidden):

After another long wait, when I was engrossed in a program in our TV room, three more trick-or-treaters showed up, and Jan reported that they were in good costumes. However, I was beyond the picture-taking stage at the point, so there is nothing more to show. The bottom line: a total eight trick-or-treaters for the evening.

By contrast — and I do mean contrast — our good friends Donna and Dave in Toronto posted a short video of their Halloween experience, in their lovely residential neighbourhood. There was Dave on the sidewalk in front of their home, handing out candies as fast as he could, as a long line of parents and kids marched past, not even bothering to go to the front door to yell “Trick or treat.” What a difference!

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3 Responses to A bit of a Halloween wash-out

  1. Deb says:

    We had a suprise as they came the night before, sensible as it happens. Our french neighbours have 2 children so we made up 2 Halloween goodie bags with some spare bits in case. What a shock when we opened the door, 6 children, all in costume! They had friends over so I ran back in to concoct 4 more bags, fortunately I had enough to spread things around but was so surprised I forgot to take a photo. We are only a small hamlet so were not expecting so many. All years we lived in Wales we never got any Trick or Treaters.

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