The cooling-off period

Here we are in mid-September, or what I’m choosing to call the cooling-off period. Not that the temperature is cooling very much — in fact, the afternoon high temps are still bumping up against 30 degrees. It’s just that activities are clearly starting to cool off.

Traffic is noticeably lighter (although there are still a great many cyclists on the road — probably because they chose to vacation in September, rather than in the assured heat of July and August). Campgrounds are emptying, or are already empty. And restaurants will soon start to shut for the coming slow season.

One sad fact of life, we’ve noticed, is that restaurants are so short-staffed that they are closing early in the afternoon or otherwise limiting customers. It’s been frustrating driving to La Roque-Gageac lately to find the village teeming with tourists, but almost no place to enjoy a drink on a terrace.

So I’ll be putting away thoughts of my blog for a while, in the hopes that in a few weeks there might be enough news to warrant a new post. Meanwhile, I’ll close with one of the coolest photos in my library: a stretch of the Céou River north of Daglan, as it nears the Dordogne River:

A dip in the this would certainly cool you off.
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4 Responses to The cooling-off period

  1. Jill and Sam Hershfield says:

    Your wish is my command Oh Great Gourmand!

    [image: Chudys in the river.png] Jill & Sam Hershfield

    310 Lake Rugby Drive Hendersonville, NC 28791

  2. Karen says:

    A terrific photo !

  3. Paul says:

    Really look forward to your posts, don’t take too long a break 🙂

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