The right vine does the right thing

This is the time of year in the Greater Daglan Area when I can count on at least two things: incredibly variable weather (today happens to be sunny, but just wait) and the chance to write about the vines at the front of our house.

Here’s how I began a posting in 2021 (March 22): “Pretty much each spring I provide a report on our two glycine — that would be wisteria vines, in English — to indicate not only how the vines themselves are growing, but to give you a snapshot of our weather.”

Earlier this year, we had both vines professionally pruned. Our gardening friend Mick did a careful and calculated job of pruning each vine at exactly the right spot. So we were hopeful that this kind of treatment would encourage the reluctant vine on the left (as you face our house) to blossom beautifully.

Well, that didn’t work. The vine on the left is now fully covered in abundant branches of green leaves, but no flowers. (My wife Jan believes it will flower next year.) However, the far better behaved vine on the right has continued its record of doing the right thing — namely, sprouting long hanging trails of purple flowers. And here’s a look:

Not outstanding, but a decent performance.

There are wisteria at various homes and businesses near us that produce far more abundant crops of flowers, but at least one of our vines is doing its best.

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