A nice surprise at Daglan’s La Cantine

Jan and I were planning to have lunch last Saturday with our friend Joanne, but we were a bit stumped when it came to choosing the right spot. Joanne and I had been to O Moulin (on Thursday), and Jan and Joanne had eaten at Sawadee (on Friday). For Saturday, we wanted someplace nearby, and so somewhat reluctantly we settled on La Cantine, the casual restaurant of Fabrice Lemonnier, adjacent to the Mayor’s office in the centre of Daglan.

I say “reluctantly” because we had thought that the menu would be the somewhat ordinary weekday menu, which costs only 16 euros and features what I would call fairly “plain” food — like a menu ouvrier. As it turned out, we were in for a nice surprise.

First of all, it turns out that the menu changes completely for the weekend (and evenings), and the cost of a meal goes up to 29 euros. But there was a nice range of choices for each course, and so we stayed put. And were glad that we did.

We began with a kir while we considered the menu choices, written on a large blackboard. And then the food started arriving — beginning with this amuse bouche:

A nice combination of flavours.

The small bowl contained an amazingly hot, creamy velouté of potimarron (a type of chestnut-flavoured winter squash, popular in France) spiced with cumin, with a dollop of dark green arugula oil on top. The oil added a surprising and unusual flavour.

Then came our entrées: six oysters for Jan, and a serving of foie gras mi-cuit for Joanne and me. The foie was served with some spicy accompaniments and a small salad that had been tossed with a sweet balsamic dressing. Here’s my plate:

Foie gras with accompaniments.

For the plat principal, Jan ordered a steak with blue cheese sauce (and loved the tender meat), while Joanne and I each had the croustillant d’agneau — a generous piece of tender, slow-cooked lamb with a rich gravy and small pieces of carrot, encased in brick pastry (similar to phyllo pastry) The meat sat on top of creamy whipped potatoes. Here’s my serving:

Pretty much the star of the show.

For dessert, Jan and Joanne had the spiced poached pear; both women were quite happy. I generally can’t resist chocolate, so I had this fondant au chocolat-– a small cake from which melted chocolate flowed wonderfully, just as it should:

I love when the molten chocolate oozes out.

After our coffees, we headed home, to rest, and digest — well satisfied indeed.

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2 Responses to A nice surprise at Daglan’s La Cantine

  1. Karen says:

    Another fabulous meal ! Glad Jan must be feeling better. She missed the last one which also looked superb 👌

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