Daglan does it again!

It’s been a busy, and fruitful, time for our little village lately. On Sunday, we had what seemed like a highly successful spring festival (about which, more later). And then yesterday as I drove back into Daglan from an appointment in Sarlat, I saw public confirmation that we had indeed been awarded our third flower (out of a maximum of four) in the nationwide Villes et Villages Fleuris program.

There are Villes et Villages Fleuri signs at each major entrance to Daglan. The one I noticed first was at the bridge that crosses the Céou River. And this is the sign you’ll see as you enter the village from the other direction, coming south from St. Cybranet:

Three flowers acquired — can we get a fourth?

As I’ve written previously, the program is ambitious and all-encompassing. It’s meant to encourage cities and villages to improve conditions for their citizens; it’s not simply about planting lots of flowers. It takes into account all kinds of conditions and services — overall cleanliness, reduction or elimination of the use of pesticides, parking for the handicapped, and much more. As you can see across the bottom of the sign — Le Label National de la Qualité de Vie — the national program is really about “the quality of life.” So again, congratulations to the administration of Daglan, from the Mayor on down, for all their dedication and effort.

A final note on this subject: When I did a bit of research, I found that there are just seven villages in the département of the Dordogne which have earned three flowers, and Daglan is the second smallest, with its 546 inhabitants. The only smaller three-flowered village is Saint-Jean-de-Cole, in the north of the Dordogne, with just 349 citizens.

The big event on Sunday was the Spring Festival, or Fête du printemps. As I wrote in an earlier posting, “I think Daglan’s festival is one of the earliest of the region’s marché aux fleurs. It’s a chance for nurseries and other growers to take over the village streets with their stalls, and sell just about every kind of plant imaginable. Not just flowers, but vines, shrubs, small trees, and vegetables.”

To my eye, it looked like the best attended Spring Festival so far, but I don’t think anyone actually counts visitors. A friend of ours who is a long-time resident of the area told us today that there were fewer vendors than in the festivals held before Covid struck. But it sure seemed busy to me. In any case, I thought this view of a special parking lot — which is basically a little used soccer pitch outside the village, on the other side of the river — tells quite a story:

An awful lot of cars, it seems.

With stalls all through the village, and pedestrians wandering out into the main street, it was quite an ordeal to drive through Daglan on Sunday. But it was just a one-day event, and the visitors seemed to be having a good time — and making a lot of purchases. To close out this posting, here is just one stand of plants, in the centre of the village:

One of the many stands set up to sell plants.
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1 Response to Daglan does it again!

  1. Sam Hershfield says:

    Loren and Jan, Congratulations to all of Daglan! The programme’s website and video is beautiful, as is you town. https://www.villes-et-villages-fleuris.com/

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