A singular housing crisis

One of the beautiful features of Daglan and the immediate area is the widespread use of our local limestone in house construction. Virtually all of the old houses in the village are built substantially of this stone, which has a lovely, soft sandy colour.

Aside from their attractiveness, a feature of stone houses is that they are not likely to suffer from house fires — or at least you would think so. But in reality, there is still a lot of wood in stone houses — the beams that hold up the roofs, the flooring, and so on.

And when a house fire does occur, it can be catastrophic. You have to look no further than this house, which sits beside the road that runs between Daglan and St. Cybranet. It’s across the road from a major campsite, and suffered the fire several weeks ago. Now, it appears, the clean-up work has begun, and there’s a construction permit posted in front of the house:

What a disaster!

I don’t know any of the details — exactly when the first occurred, how it happened, and whether anyone was injured. All I know is that it looks absolutely awful.

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1 Response to A singular housing crisis

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Oh no! How awful ūüė≠

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