The jammed-up village

You wouldn’t normally associate traffic jams with a village like Daglan. However, we currently have a truly major jam — one which doesn’t feature a tangle of cars all jammed together, but a complete blockage. As things stand, it is impossible to drive through Daglan on its single main street, Rue de la République.

Unfortunately, this state of affairs is scheduled to continue for several more days, well into next week.

The cause of the problem is a project right on Rue de la République, where crews have erected scaffolding and are working on the roof of one of the old houses there. With the scaffolding in place, and then the extended base of the crane that’s been raised to roof-level, there is no way for cars to pass.

In fact, the spacing is so tight that Jan couldn’t pass by the work this morning with her bicycle, as she tried to cycle to a friend’s house for their daily exercise session. Fortunately, the village’s Mayor happened to be there, and he stood Jan’s bike on end, and then lifted it over the barrier that was blocking her way. (Pretty good service, eh?)

When you enter the village from the north (from the direction of St. Cybranet), these are the signs you will see — informing you of the blockage, but letting you know that at least you can access the convenience store and our bakery:

Blockage ahead!

And here’s a look at the roofing project itself:

There’s just no way to get through.

Inconvenience is, well, one way to put it. For Jan and me, we can get out away from our house and drive north to St. Cybranet and Cénac (by going over the hill from St. Cybranet) and so on.

But we can’t drive out the south end of the village, which is the way I normally go when I drive to the spa in Costeraste three times a week for aquagym. Instead, I have to drive north quite a ways, then turn right, cross a little bridge, and wind up on the narrow road that passes as a bicycle path.

Eventually, this takes me back to the main road, outside the village, and I continue on to the spa. But I tell you, it’s not comfortable trying to drive along the narrow path when another vehicle is headed towards you.

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4 Responses to The jammed-up village

  1. Keith Raymond says:

    Unacceptable! The mayor needs to invoke the Act Emergence and get these so called protesting roof fixers off the road.

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks Keith — I agree. In fact, our Mayor has been considering the lead of the senior Trudeau — Pierre “Just Watch Me” Trudeau — and invoking the War Measures Act. I simply say: “Fuddle duddle.” (Note to non-Canadians: Don’t even try to figure this out.)

  2. Deb says:

    So I discovered this morning, made me late for the physio and I also used the cycle route for the first time.

    • loren24250 says:

      Deb, I used the cycle route this morning, on my way to the spa, and managed to squeeze by another car. Our cars actually touched, although no damage was done. From now on, I am going over the hill from St. Cybranet to Cénac and beyond, until this blockade is over.

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