Daglan is, quite frankly, where it’s @

To be a bit more accurate, the headline above should say “Daglan is, quite frankly, where it’s @@@,” but I figured that would be too confusing. Let me now explain, picking up from yesterday’s RFD posting in which I wrote that Daglan has a new title.

The title our village was just awarded comes from a program called the “Label national Territoire villes et villages Internet,” which is a national competition meant to encourage cities and villages to make the Internet as accessible as possible to their citizens. The jury included a wide range of experts, from educators to engineers to scientists to journalists.

And under that program, Daglan is now officially an Internet Village, having earned the title (in French) le label village Internet. This was announced in Paris by Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition.

Not only that — Daglan was the only commune in the département of the Dordogne (with 254 participating municipalities) to be so named.

How come? Well, it turns out that the village has pulled together a lot of resources making the most of the Net.

There’s the village website itself. There’s the fact that there are several places with free WiFi access; there’s the use of QR codes on signs that accompany a commentary for visitors; and there’s the distribution of portable computers in the classrooms of our school. As well, the village has created a computer-equipped espace jeunes, which is a meeting place for young people; it’s opened up during school breaks and vacations. And then there’s our Internet-connected weather station.

Daglan’s status can now be advertised on signs and publicity. The village was awarded three arobases — in other words, the “at” symbol — out of a possible five. So now we’re living in Daglan @@@.

Is this cool, or what?

In other news: Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 13) is the final day for this season’s winter truffle market, which takes place in the school yard behind the Mayor’s office. If you’re around, servings of scrambled eggs with truffles will be served.

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2 Responses to Daglan is, quite frankly, where it’s @

  1. Mike Fisher says:

    Unfortunately the orange network provides a derisory 2mb/s live box connection

    Sent from my iPad

  2. loren24250 says:

    Good point, Mike. Maybe it’s time for Daglan’s Mayor and his Council to take over Orange!

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