A hint of winter (2021)

Since Jan and I moved to France, we have had only one “bad” snowfall in a Daglan winter. By “bad,” I don’t mean “bad” as we would use the term in Toronto, where it refers to conditions like high winds and drifting, deep snow.

But in February 2012, enough snow fell on Daglan that the white stuff eventually stayed on our roads without melting immediately. Then it did melt — and immediately turned to ice. Roads were so slick that we simply could not drive anywhere, and were house-bound. If you’re interested, you can read “On the road again,” posted February 11, 2012, in which I described how the roads finally became passable once the ice had melted away. (It probably goes without saying that our village has absolutely no equipment to plow snow or scrape the roads of ice.)

Then this morning we got just a hint of the winter to come — as gentle flakes fell from the sky at around 9 a.m. As time went on, the snow stayed in place on rooftops through the village. But then, as the morning wore on, the snow began to melt away.

When I left the house for an appointment just after 11 a.m., the only “accumulation” of snow that I could see was the light collection on the windshield of my car. As you can see, a shovel was not required:

No scraper needed — this just melted away.

And now, in the late afternoon, there is virtually no sign of snow. But it sure starts getting dark fairly early these nights.

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2 Responses to A hint of winter (2021)

  1. Karen says:

    It snowed in South Florida in 1977. It didn’t last even as long as your recent snowfall.

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