As good as it gets

It’s taken me quite a while to get around to writing this, but we’ve been busy. In any case, last Sunday we had another marvellous lunch at O Moulin in Carsac with our good friend Joanne, and the dishes were as close to perfect as I could wish. Here’s a quick review of them all.

First, we began with a nice assortment of amuse-bouches, with Jan’s treats made gluten-free. Here’s our tray:

A delicious selection of goodies, to begin.

Then another amuse-bouche (our chef always includes a rich soup at this point in the meal), and this version was pretty darn close to the “Is-It-Okay-To-Lick-The-Bowl?” level. This thick, creamy, savoury concoction was made from finely puréed foie gras and a sweet red port wine. Sweet and delicious, which you can almost sense from this photo:

Rich and sweet and delicious.

My entrée was foie gras mi-cuit, accompanied by a roll of fig jelly that had been flavoured with orange flower. Beautiful to behold, and delicious:

Foie with a jellied accompaniment.

All three of us had the veal as our plat principal, and loved it. On the menu, the dish was described as picattas of veal, which to me means thin slices of veal that are lightly floured, then sautéed, then served with a lemon and butter sauce. At O Moulin, the veal was thicker (but still very tender) with a sweetened veal sauce and pine nuts, fondant potatoes, Swiss chard and spinach. Here’s my plate:

Yet more great flavours, on one plate.

After all that, the real star of the show (for me, anyway) was the dessert. Our friend Joanne says she is definitely not a “dessert person” — someone who (unlike me) can easily finish a meal without dessert. But even she thought this was an amazing creation, and possibly the best dessert she’d ever had. (And the same goes for me.) It included a variety of chocolates, including some very dark chocolate, crunchy little praline puffs, crisp wafers, and a rich chocolate sorbet. Have a look:

Possibly the best dessert of all time.

And the price for all this clever, beautifully prepared food? Just 47 euros for the O Plaisir menu. Now compare that with what we’ve paid for meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and you’ll see why the title of this post is “As good as it gets.”

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9 Responses to As good as it gets

  1. Sue Kirby says:

    O Moulin is most definitely our favourite restaurant in the area. Excellent every time. Still struggling to find a decent restaurant in Sarlat!

    • Simon Wheatley says:

      Have you tried the St Martial in St Martial de Nabirat? Worth the extra travel from Sarlat!

      • loren24250 says:

        We have indeed given the St. Martial a couple of tries. Probably will never go back — we found the food somewhat over-priced, but the biggest problem is the incredibly slow service. Not for us!

    • loren24250 says:

      Hi Sue, well we have liked Le Grand Bleu (in Sarlat) over the years, but for one reason or another, I know that some people don’t care for it. I love what the chef does with sweetbreads, which are always on the menu!

      • Sue says:

        We are not mad on the location and lack of outdoor space. The last visit was underwhelming. Surprised that the restaurant has not moved to a better location. If in Sarlat we would go to Le Présidial but it has a short season. St Martial is ok but had a squid dish there that I simply could not get my teeth through it was so chewy!

  2. Simon Wheatley says:

    Is this Carsac- Aillac about 20 minutes from St Martial?

  3. Joan E Taylor says:

    I am salivating – foie gras is my most fav food and your menu sounded amazing – will have to go there next time – Happy Fall or Autumn!

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