Our stealth festival

In the past, Daglan’s annual summer festival — known officially as the Fetes de la Saint-Louis, but known in this blog as The Festival of Heat and Noise — was advertised well in advance. For several weeks ahead of the festival’s start, for instance, pennants would be hung all through the village, celebrating the themes of previous festival parades.

This year, the festival has sneaked up on us, appearing out of the clear blue sky like a huge stealth bomber (okay, that’s probably a bit excessive).

Anyway, for some time, Jan and I had heard from some particularly well plugged-in friends in Daglan that yes, the festival would take place. But there was literally no publicity — even the email newsletters we receive regularly from the Mayor never mentioned it. So we were skeptical.

Then yesterday (Saturday), I finally saw a poster for the event, located at the quite busy intersection where the road from Daglan joins the road to Bouzic. Frankly, a busy intersection is not a great place for cars to slow down and read the details. Not even as I drove into the village did I see a single other poster.

Then, thankfully, I found a poster on the front window of the convenience store on the main street through the village, and was able to get a photo. And here it is:

Well, well — it starts this coming Friday.

It turns out that most of the events will be concerts of one sort or another, starting this coming Friday. Then there will be a fireworks show late on the evening of Sunday.

The biggest news is that there will be no Sunday parade this year, and it was the parade that we felt was the true highlight of the festival. So we’re less than impressed. And we’ll be downright irritated if the dodge-em car ride is set up in the village’s main square, because it would mean that Jan and I would be subjected to loud music late into the night. We shall see.

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