Anniversary dining — and future treats

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary — the 33rd, in fact — and in “normal”, pre-pandemic times, we would have tried to celebrate with a lavish lunch in a fine-dining restaurant. But restaurants in France remain closed (for indoor dining), and the weather seemed a bit cool and wet for us to enjoy a meal on a terrace. So we opted for lunch at home with a nice bottle of bubbly and some delicious Thai food brought home from Sawadee, in neighbouring Cénac.

As I’m sure I’ve written in the past, Sawadee’s food is known for coming in generous (some would say huge) servings, and so we struggled with what to order. Because it was a special day, we felt that we should have more than just a main course. So we decided to share a soup, knowing that a full serving of soup for each of us would simply be too much, if it were followed by a main course.

What we chose was something called Tom Kha Kai, which means a chicken soup with lots of spices and flavoured further with coconut milk. Warning: Do not, repeat not, order this if you’re the kind of person who says “I don’t really like spicy food.” The soup was truly delicious, but pretty much in the blow-your-head-off category, at least for me. (Jan can tolerate spicy heat more than I can.)

Aside from the peppery heat, the only other criticism of the soup is that there were lots of little bits to fish out, because they were inedible — like tiny tubes of hard-to-chew lemongrass. In any case, we enjoyed this as an entrée, and thought the small pieces of chicken and the numerous slices of mushrooms were yummy. Here’s my bowl:

Spicy? The simple answer is: Wow!

For my main course, I had Sawadee’s Pad taï (note the impressive use of French here), which was as good as always. I’m not including a photo, because I’ve shown off the dish before. But I will show Jan’s main course — Vermicelles de soja, which is made up of soy noodles and fresh shrimp, with flavours including coriander and green pepper. Here’s her serving:

Another generous serving.

Having finished the rich soup (and remember, we split one portion) we both found the main courses simply too much. So before we got too far along with the mains, we decided to save the remainder in our refrigerator for lunch today (Saturday), and that’s exactly what we did. Still good on Day Two.

Future dining treats. While Jan and I have been having take-out food from local restaurants, France has finally been making enough progress against the Covid pandemic that the rules are being eased up. So on Tuesday, when we motor down to Toulouse for a medical appointment, we will have a wonderful lunch (I’m pretty confident) at the marvelous seafood restaurant I’ve praised before — Chez Jeannot. The only hitch is that our meal will be served on the terrace, so we’re hoping for the weather to improve a bit.

And there is even more good news ahead.

It turns out that O Moulin, the terrific fine-dining restaurant in Carsac, has been restored from the damages it suffered in a flood earlier this year, and will be re-opening in June. Are we excited, or what? Well, we have already confirmed our reservation for a Sunday lunch. Indoors!

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2 Responses to Anniversary dining — and future treats

  1. Lynn Wilkins says:

    Lorne, I am so impressed that you and Jan fulfilled your dream to live in France. You talked about this back in the Ariad days when you called on us at CIBC marketing. Love living vicariously through you both. Cheers, Lynn Wilkins

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