Dainty but delicious dishes

For the second week in a row, our Sunday lunch was the 26-euro take-out special from the excellent restaurant Le Grand Bleu. On Friday I had telephoned the chef, Maxime Lebrun, to place our order, and yesterday Jan drove to Sarlat to pick up our meals, at a “chalet” across the street from the post office. (Le Grand Bleu itself remains closed, other than for take-out meals, because of the pandemic.)

Obviously anyone calling himself or herself a chef must be able to cook well, and particularly the foods of their region or culture; but a really good chef also knows what combinations of flavour, texture and colour can be added to the dish to increase the diner’s enjoyment; Chef Lebrun is one of those.

Our entrée was, in my view, not the most appealing looking dish I’ve ever had, but it was certainly tasty. My first course — slices of marinated trout with two sauces — nori and passion fruit, is shown below:

Two sauces for the marinated trout, to begin.

The main course was, I thought, more visually appealing, and even more delicious. It featured meltingly tender roast loin of veal and a “piperade” sauce made with mint, accompanied by some perfectly cooked white and green asparagus. Have a look:

Tender veal, perfect asparagus.

Our desserts really showed off Chef’s ability to put unusual flavour combinations to good effect. The starting point was a black olive macaron, filled with a whipped green cream and fresh strawberries. Jan and I both loved the cream, but couldn’t quite identify the taste. So I double-checked the menu: it turned out to be a crème d’asperge verte au basilic, meaning that Chef is making full use of the seasonal vegetable. More importantly, it really was delicious. Here’s my dessert:

Asparagus crème? Delicious!

For the previous Sunday lunch, Jan and I rated it as 8 out of a possible 10. But yesterday’s meal scored a perfect 10. Had the dishes been a bit less dainty — which is to say a bit more generous — it could have scored an 11.

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2 Responses to Dainty but delicious dishes

  1. Keith Raymond says:

    In the current environment it’s also important to make it so the dish travels well. Often the dishes you get at these type of restaurants are best consumed very close to the source. Whereas now, meals have to travel, reheat and plate well. Congratulations to the chef!

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