Putting our sheep to work

Éco-pâturage, as I’m sure you know, refers to the practice of employing grazing animals for mowing, which of course saves time and resources, reduces the hard work of maintenance, and respects biodiversity.

Okay, I didn’t know what it meant either. But it turns out that we in Daglan are very much in favour of éco-pâturage, and in fact are being asked to help implement it.

Specifically, the office of our Mayor is asking for bénévoles, or volunteers, to show up near the village cemetery a week from today (Thursday, April 22) at 9 a.m. to help install a fence on a grassy area. The reason for the fence? It will enclose grazing sheep, provided by a local breeder, and that’s a situation which the Mayor promises to be gagnant-gagnant (win-win, to you).

You may recall that I’ve previously written about the Mayor’s program of employing volunteers for various civic projects. In “Volunteering — with brushes in hand” (July 9, 2020), I described how volunteers were going through our area to clean and then paint all the calvaires (monuments with a crucifix). Earlier this year, I posted “Drag out those hip-waders” (February 22) to encourage volunteers to help clean fallen trees and other debris from the banks of our Céou River.

If you don’t think you’d feel too sheepish about helping with the éco-pâturage next Thursday, you should confirm your participation by contacting the Mairie at 05 – 53 – 28 – 41 – 16.

Keeping up with the Thai restaurant: Enjoying Thai food from Sawadee, the restaurant in nearby Cénac, is turning out to be a moveable feast. Its reopening has been pushed back from April to May 7, presumably because of delays caused by the pandemic. Jan and I, and various friends, are counting the days.

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