Buds into blooms — hurrah!

My regular springtime reporting on our glycine vines continues. Just two and half weeks ago, on March 22, I posted “A nice early start (for our wisteria)” and showed off the flowers that were just developing on the vine that grows on the right-hand side of our front stairs.

(Just in case you were in any doubt, that would be the “right-hand side” as you face the house, and not as you look out from the steps.)

This is what the ends of that vine looked like:

Almost ready to become actual flowers.

Now, what a difference two and half weeks can make. Here is the same section of vine as of this afternoon:

A pretty nice display.

And what about the vine on the left-hand side? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Rien. Could it be time to rip it out and install a honeysuckle?

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4 Responses to Buds into blooms — hurrah!

  1. Pamela Forbes says:

    Such graceful, artfully draped glycine! Hope they’re the kind that smells nice. In other news, our friend who lives just outside of Oxford says that it snowed – snowed! – two days ago.

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks, Pamela. No, sadly, our wisteria are the non-fragrant kind. And I did hear about the snow in England — well, April can be the cruelest month!

  2. Lynn Wilkins says:

    No wisteria, but plenty of hysteria here in your old hometown! Covid rates are at an all time high and our Govt. has really cocked things up with getting our paid-for dosages. Finally, Biden stepped in and he is lending Canada their surplus A-Z. Hmmm, wonder why we don’t get delivery of their Pfizer or Moderna, instead? Lorne, so glad your dream of living in France has come true. I remember you talking about this back in the day when you called on us at CIBC Marketing, back in the day. Happy trails to you and Jan!

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks so much, Lynn. Wonderful to hear from you, after all this time. Yes, Jan and I are loving life here — well, with the exception of being stir-crazy, because of the pandemic. But this too shall pass. I hope. And soon! Meanwhile, all the best!

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