Drag out those hip-waders!

Feeling civic-minded? Tired of being cooped up in your locked-down lifestyle? Anxious to try on that old pair of hip-waders (or other boots) cluttering up your closet? Now’s your chance to get out and help.

On Thursday (February 25), Daglan is hoping that you bénévoles (volunteers) will meet up at the old football pitch near the bridge crossing the Céou River and help clean up and haul away all the bushes, logs and other debris that tend to build up on the river’s banks during our rainy winters.

The nettoyage, or cleaning, will take place between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. I suspect a lunch will follow.

To sign up, and get more information, just call the Mairie, at 05 – 53 -28 – 41 – 16.

For a look at why the clean-up is needed, here’s a photo of the Céou running a bit rough. At certain points in its journey north to the Dordogne River, it can really get clogged up:

Lots of branches and trees can clog things up.

These days of civic action occur fairly regularly. I believe that the last time I wrote about the phenomenon was last July 9, in “Volunteering — with brushes in hand.” That’s when teams of volunteers went through the area, cleaning up and painting the religious monuments.

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4 Responses to Drag out those hip-waders!

  1. Ian Rosner says:

    Clogged up or not, it still looks lovely! Wishing we could all come down there and be bénévoles! Hoping you are doing well – sending all the best from lockdown London

  2. Rosemarie Pasdar says:

    Thank you Loren – as I always read your posts, and not the bulletin board, I appreciate this information and will sign up to help. Thanks to you! Rosemarie


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