Water polo, anyone?

This can be a rainy time of year in the Greater Daglan Area, and the early months of 2021 are proving to be no exception. It seems we get rain just about every day — ranging from sprinkles to out-and-out downpours. And of course all the water is adding up.

This morning, on a drive to Gourdon for some shopping, Jan and I saw virtually every field covered in water, resembling small lakes instead of pastures. And every river, creek, stream, and ditch we passed was bursting with flowing water.

Here’s a look at the soccer field (okay, football pitch) at one end of our village; you may be able to see the goal posts on the right-hand side of the photo:

Welcome to Soccer Lake.

The river that runs past Daglan is the Céou, a tributary of the mighty Dordogne River. Normally it’s quite placid, and in the heat of summer can be virtually dry. Here it is at about noon today, gushing along:

That’s a lot of fast-moving water.

I’m almost certain that no one will be venturing out to the picnic bench you can see at the right-hand side of the photo. At least not for a while.

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